Troy Crisswell - Acrylic Painting Workshop

June 10, 10-4pm - Cost $85

Students will work with the instructor on one of his acrylic paintings. Troy will demonstrate techniques for composition, design and color, as well as, the fundamentals for working with acrylic paints. Individual instruction will be offered as students paint in a relaxed environment. Students of all skill levels are welcome. For more information on Troy and to see his work follow him on Facebook or go to his website at

Dylan Scott Pierce - Watercolor Basics

June 24 and  25 - Cost $125

This class is perfect for those who’ve never painted watercolor or have only played with it a little. There will be lots of demos and time for you to paint with one on one help. Dylan will go over the fundamental techniques to teach you how to control watercolor; including Gradual Washes, transparent Layering, Losing Edges, Matching Wetness, Wet into Wet, Dry into Damp, Complimentary Grays, Negative Painting, Warm to Cool Color Theory, & Juxaposing Colors. For more information on Dylan & to see his work go to his website;

Rick Plasters - Scratch Board Workshop

July 8, 10-4pm - Cost $100

Rick Plasters - Scratch Board. The instructor will discuss the history of scratch board & give detailed descriptions of the tools and materials used by today’s scratch board artists. Following along with the instructor, students will work together on a 5” x 7” design provided for them. There will be ample one on one instruction as Rick demonstrates the techniques he uses to create his life like images. For more information on Rick & to see his work go to his website,