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March Gourd Mad‍‍‍ness

March 23-24 in Clanton, AL

Leah Reed - Hooting Owl Mod Making

‍‍‍Friday March 23, 1‍‍‍2pm - 5pm - Cost $35

Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum - 2      Skill Level - All
‍‍‍Participants will learn to make inexpensive silicone molds using home based products, in addition to making wire feet.  Students will be making one owl. Pending how fast the group moves along with their mold and feet, they may not have time to finish painting their owl. IMPORTANT ‍‍‍NOTE; One of the products has a strong smell.  Each student will go home with a mold to make more hooting owls. Students need to bring Latex or similar Gloves, Needle Nose Pliers, Ruler, and Paint Brushes. Instructor will furnish all the materials including the gourd to make one owl.

Sheryl Scott‍ - Tom Turkey

‍‍‍Friday March 23, 12pm - 5‍‍‍pm - Cost $45

Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum - 2      Skill Level - All
We will use an orange ball and a round ball gourd and turn it into a turkey using Quikwood and other embellishments. Finished height is 8” to 9” tall. Students need to bring Paint Brushes, Water Basin, Apron, Paint Dryer. Instructor will furnish Gourds, Quikwood, Paint and the base.

Sheryl Scott‍ - Beary Bee

Saturday March 23, 9am - 1pm - Cost $45

‍‍‍Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum‍‍‍ - 2      Skill Level - All
Using a large Chinese bottle gourd and Quikwood we will turn this into a very happy Beary Bee.   The finished size will be 7”to 10”tall. Students need to bring Paint Brushes, Water Basin, Apron, and Paint Dryer. Instructor will furnish Gourds, Quickwood, Paint, Wire for wings, Fabric for scarf & bow, and Flowers.                      

‍‍‍Katie Westmoreland‍‍‍ - Birds on a Wire Bird Feeder‍‍‍

‍‍‍Saturday March 23, 1pm - 5pm - Cost $3‍‍‍5

Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum - 2      Skill Level - All
‍‍‍We will paint a transferred pattern and do some beading on the gourd.Students need to bring; Favorite paint brushes, water basin & an ApronInstructor will Furnish;  All other items to complete the project          

Join us for the 2018 March Gourd Madness & Traditional Arts ‍‍‍at the Jeff State Campus in Clanton, Alabama.
Activities include Classes, Demonstrations, Raw Gourds, Suppliers, and Finished Art Work.


Classes will be added as we receive them from the instructors. Classes will be listed by January 15, 2018

To sign up for classes & additional information,
contact Mack Gothard at gothardgourdgarden@gmail.com or 205-245-9441


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Betse‍‍‍y Sloan‍‍‍ - Vinegar Graining

‍‍‍‍‍‍Friday March 23, 1‍‍‍2pm - 5pm - Cost $35‍‍‍

Max Number of Students - 14      Minimum - 6      Skill Level - All
Learn ‍‍‍how to use those old, discolored gourds that are just sitting around.  We will cover the gourd with a special mixture of paint and vinegar and then “grain” the paint using various tools.  Finally we will add a coconut coir rim and a dried Hedge Apple as an accent.  Spray finish available if weather permits. Students need to bring; any old gourd, preferable 6 to 8 inches in diameter, cut open and cleaned. Make sure the outside is clean too. Apron, any item - tooth brush or old comb for grainingInstructor will furnish; Tutorial with photos, paint & vinegar, bowls, sponge brushes, disposable gloves, coconut coir & waxed linen with a needle, Hedge apple slice, heat guns.

Troy Tatum - Luffa Inserts for Gourd Vase

Saturday March 23, 9am - 1pm - Cost $50

Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum - 3     Skill Level - All
‍‍‍In this f‍‍‍un new class you will learn a brand new technique of preparing and using luffa as an insert in gourds.  This class will focus on preparing the luffa for inserting into a precut furnished gourd.  The students will stain the gourd and the insert the luffa into the cut-outs.Students need to bring; Gloves for staining the gourdInstructor will furnish; A detailed tutorial, Luffa, Precut Gourds and all the supplies necessary to finish the project.                          

‍‍‍Betsey Sloan - Faux ‍‍‍Stained Glass Dragonfly

‍‍‍‍‍‍Saturday March 23, 1pm - 5pm - Cos‍‍‍t $45‍‍‍

Max # of Students - 12    Minimum - 2     Skill Level - All, Know how to woodburn
In this class students will learn to use a Crystal 3-D liquid to get the appearance of stained glass in their design.  We will first wood burn the dragon fly image, stain the gourd with alcohol inks, then paint using a variety of acrylic colors.  We add an adhesive backed (real) lead to section out the wings.  The body is created with Quikwood.  Then we float on the liquid by section.  Final spray is available based on the weather.Students need to bring;  Wood Burner and favorite tip, a pair of small, sharp scissors, paint brushesInstructor will Provide;  Tutorial with photo, pattern, unopened gourd, transfer paper, extra brushes, disposable gloves, 3-D liquid, lead strips, alcohol inks, acrylic paints, spray finish, misc. supplies. NOTE; This is real lead.  You will be cautioned to keep hands away from face while using.                    


Karen Stone‍ - Gourd Har‍‍‍vest Watercolor Painting

‍‍‍‍‍‍Saturday March 23, 9am - 1pm - Cost $5‍‍‍5‍‍‍

Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum - 6      Skill Level - All
‍‍‍Using basic drawing and water col‍‍‍or techniques, students will draw and paint a picture of a gourd leaves and moth, matted and ready to frame. Approximate size is 11”x 14”. Students need to bring; an apron, paint brushes, water basin, #2 pencils, Also bring water colors and paint tray if available. Instructor will Furnish; 300# Cold Press paper, drawing and painting supplies, plus a mat for the finished painting.


Troy Tatum - Faux Leath‍‍‍er Tooled Gourd

‍‍‍Friday March 23, 12pm - 5pm - Cost $5‍‍‍5

Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum - 2      Skill Level - All
In this class you will learn to create the appearance of leather tooling on a gourd.  You will learn to wood burn the leather tooling pattern outlines and borders, shade the tooled pattern, color the gourd and background and add the faux stitching.‍‍‍ Students need to bring; an adjustable temperature wood burner with a skew, writing or small ball and l‍‍‍arge ball tip. Gloves. Instructor will furnish; detailed tutorial, Pattern, Craft ready, Ink Dyes, Applicators and other supplies necessary to complete the project.‍‍‍                                    ‍‍‍‍

‍‍‍Katie Westmoreland‍‍‍ - In the Beginning Gourds 101‍‍‍

Friday March 23, 12pm - 5pm - Cost $35

Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum - 2      Skill Level - All‍‍‍Learning about Gourds from the beginning, Introduction to tools and supplies.Students need to bring; Note pad and pen or pencil. ‍‍‍Instructor will Furnish; Everything‍‍‍.

‍‍‍Troy Tatum‍‍‍ - Oak Leaf Relief Carving‍‍‍

‍‍‍Saturday March 23, 1pm - 5pm - Cost $5‍‍‍5

Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum - 3      Skill Level - All
‍‍‍‍‍‍This class will guide you step by step through the creation of the oak leaf relief carving on a gourd.  We will have a detailed discussion on power carving tools, burrs and their uses and will discuss how the different burrs can be used for the same results.Students need to bring; Micro carver or flex shaft Dremel, All your burrs, breathing mask or respirator, eye protection.Instructor will furnish; Detailed tutorial, Patterns, Craft ready pre-stained gourd, files, sandpaper and any other supplies needed to complete the project.                       ‍‍‍      

Sheryl Scott‍ - Happy Hound Puppy

‍‍‍Saturday Ma‍‍‍rch 23, 1pm - 5pm - Cost $45

Max Number of Students - 12      Minimum - 2      Skill Level - All
‍‍‍Using a round ball gourd and Quik‍‍‍wood we will create a happy little hound dog.  The finished size will be 3”to 4”tall. Students need to bring Paint Brushes, Water Basin, Apron, and Paint Dryer. Instructor will Provide Gourds, Quikwood, Paint, and Fabric for bows.